What happens when cervical cancer is discovered in a pregnant woman?

The treatment depends upon the extent of the cancer and upon how pregnant the woman is when it is discovered. A punch biopsy can be taken at any time during pregnancy if there is a lesion on the cervix. If no lesion is present but the smear is suspicious, most doctors wait until the end of the third month to carry out a conization, thus reducing the risk of abortion. If a Class 3 smear is discovered late in pregnancy, a vaginal delivery may be possible with delay of conization until several weeks after the birth. If a Class 4 or Class 5 smear is discovered, conization is usually postponed, an early cesarean birth is planned, and conization or hysterectomy is performed several weeks later, followed by radiation therapy.
In the event that cancer is found during pregnancy, this is amazingly upsetting for the lady and her accomplice.

When all is said in done, a pregnant lady can get any possible malignant growth. Hopeful moms are regularly influenced by cervical malignancy (cervical cancer) - one of every 1200 to 8000 pregnant ladies gets this determination. The second most regular is bosom malignant growth, which influences one of every 3,000 to 10,000 pregnant ladies. Dark skin disease (dangerous melanoma) and Hodgkin lymphoma, ovarian malignant growth (ovarian disease) and leukemia follow with diminishing likelihood.


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