Do you know at what age you are most likely to have prostate cancer?

Prostate Cancer 

Who usually gets cancer of the prostate? 

The risk of developing cancer of the prostate increases with age. Cancer of the prostate is primarily a disease of older men and occurs most often in those over 55 years of age. After age 75, prostate cancer is the main cause of cancer death among men. Black men have two times more cancer of the prostate than white men. In the United States, black men have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world.

How can I protect myself against cancer of the prostate? 

Studies suggest that environmental factors, such as diet and other aspects of lifestyle, play an important role in developing prostate cancer. Workplace exposure to cadmium may increase the risk of prostate cancer. The specific causes are still unclear. Early detection is essential. Every man over 40 should have a rectal exam as part of his regular yearly checkup in order to detect the disease at an early curable stage.

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

What is the prostate and what does it do? 

The prostate, a gland a bit smaller than a golf ball, weighs about 3A ounce, is located at the base of the penis, just below the bladder and above the rectum. Physicians, in referring to the prostate, separate it into five lobes. The posterior lobe, the one which is felt when the doctor does a rectal exam, is the one which seems to be the most susceptible to cancer. Its main purpose is to secrete the fluid in which the sperm cells are ejaculated. Not all the gland's functions are fully understood, but it is sometimes possible to slow growth of the cancer through some variety of hormone therapy.

Older Men and Prostate Cancer

Are most prostate tumors cancerous? 

No. The most common tumors found in the prostate are not cancerous. The most common prostate problem is called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). More than half the men in the United States over 50 suffer from this enlargement. 


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