Can radiotherapy cure lung cancer?

Why would the doctor decide to give me radiation before he operates? 

In some cases, depending on the size and the location of the tumor, radiation is given to shrink the size of the tumor. This can be done either in conjunction with the operation or in place of the operation, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Is radiation therapy sometimes used after surgery? 

Yes. It can be used this way. About a month after the operation, when the chest tissues have had an opportunity to heal, radiation treatment may be started. Radiation is given to that part of the chest where metastases were found or seemed likely to occur.

Radiation Treatment for Lung Cancer

Can x-ray therapy be given to the other lung if one has been removed? 

Since radiotherapy to the lung can cause scar tissue to form, making it difficult for the lung to function, radiotherapy is usually not given to the opposite lung.


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