Which exercise is best for diabetes? Can walking cure diabetes?

What kind of exercise should i do for diabetes?

What kind of exercise do you like? Exercise should be fun. That's the only way to be sure you'll keep doing it. As a diabetic you have enough chores in your life without turning exercise into another one.

If you want to rate exercises, though, the ones that are best for you are the aerobic or endurance kind: brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, cross country skiing, biking (either on the real thing or in bad weather on an exercycle), rowing, jumping rope. Dancing is also a wonderful endurance exercise. There are now even some special aerobic dance classes designed especially to build up your cardiovascular system and endurance.

But really, as we said, exercise is play and should be fun. Try to acquire a skill you enjoy like tennis or bowling or golf, even if it isn't an endurance sport. We find that if you get really involved in a nonendurance sport, you tend to do some endurance exercising in order to what else? increase your endurance for the sport you love.

Yoga is also a wonderful exercise to keep you supple, and it's something that can be done at any age.
Incidentally, don't let age stop you. Almost everyone can at least start walking and increase the distance and speed each day until it becomes the kind of endurance exercise that you need. Aim at first for a twenty minute mile. If you attain that, then work toward a vigorous twelve minute mile, which is right up there with jogging and running as far as conditioning is concerned.

As well as getting into a sport, it's important to bring more exercise into your daily life simply by becoming a more physically active person. Get up out of your chair and move whenever possible. Climb stairs rather than taking the elevator. Park your car in the farthest corner of the parking lot and walk to the store. (Since everybody else is always trying to get as close as possible, you'll get the dividend of not having your car dinged up by other people opening their doors on it.)

How about calisthenics? 

If you like them, fine, but most people find them deadly dull, and anything you find deadly dull you're not likely to do for very long.

One kind of exercise that is not recommended is the isometrics. Those are the ones in which you pit one muscle against another. Doing this can put a strain on the heart. And they're no fun anyway.


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