When is the best time to take insulin?

When should I take my insulin?

Your doctor will no doubt have suggestions on this, but in general the answer to this question depends on how many injections you take a day. Most diabetics on insulin take one shot a day, and that one is taken before breakfast; usually, the recommended time is one-half hour before eating. For bettei control other diabetics take two shots a day of mixed rapid and intermediate insulin one hour before breakfast and dinner. Still, a few others, and June is by personal choice one of these renegades, take one shot before each meal. These three shots are taken one-half hour to one hour before breakfast and onehalf hour before the other two meals. (The insulin is mixed rapid and intermediate except before lunch, which is rapid only.)

Of course, the actual daily timing of insulin injections cannot be all that precise, because life itself is so unpredictable. One morning you may oversleep, be in a hurry to get to work, and take your shot five minutes before breakfast. Another morning you may get an unexpected telephone call after the injection and delay breakfast for three-quarters of an hour. Weve heard of even stranger variations from diabetics, like the man who told us, "Lots of times I eat breakfast and take my injection after I'm finished."

In the final analysis you have to work out your own best timing with your doctor so that you can keep your blood sugar and your lifestyle as close to normal as humanly possible.


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