What should I do if we're out dining in a restaurant and my friend,who is diabetic, orders all the wrong things for herself?

Diabetics sometimes perversely do this. Even June, who is the most careful and rational of diabetics, has occasionally suffered this restaurant aberration.

The best thing to do when you hear the diabetically inappropriate meal being ordered is not to screech and rant and embarrass your friend in front of the waiter, but rather to order a diabetic back-up meal for yourself. Usually when her meal is presented to her, the diabetic takes one look at it and comes to her senses. Then you just say casually, without any lectures or recriminations, "It looks as if my dinner might be better for you than yours. Would you like to trade?" The diabetic almost always will with gratitude, probably as much gratitude for the freedom from lectures and recriminations as for the food. Naturally, to perform this little sleight-of-plate act, you have to know what a diabetically appropriate meal is.


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