What lifestyle changes can help diabetes?

Again, that's not a question with easy answers. Every time we go to a meeting of diabetes educators, the major topic is "Compliance." We don't really like this word because it sounds as if you should bend to the will of the doctor or nurse or dietitian who knows what's good for you, and you, you misbehaving rascal, refuse to comply. Actually, nobody can make you "comply," can force you to change your habits. That has to come from within. The late psychologist Abraham Maslow has explained that you can only reach the point of change after you pass through several emotional stages in a "hierarchy of needs."

First, you have to have your basic physiological needs met. That is, you must have food to eat and a place to stay. We'll presume you have that. Then you have to feel safe. This one's often a problem when you're first diagnosed because, far from feeling safe, you feel threatened. When you've conquered that fear, you need to have feelings of belonging and love from others. Many times the love and belonging are there, but newly diagnosed diabetics don't realize it. They think that friends and family members will reject them because of their "flaw." After you recognize how wrong you were there, then you need to develop or redevelop your feelings of self esteem and self-love, realizing you're a good person who is worth taking care of, worth going to the trouble of changing for the better. Only when you reach that point can you make those difficult changes.

Let's take you back to step two, the place where you feel threatened, unsafe, and afraid. Most, if not all, of your fear is fear of the unknown. Although people may have been throwing a lot of miscellaneous diabetes information at you, you probably haven't caught a tenth of it. Let's go back to the diabetes basics. As you learn them really learn them this time your fears should gradually dissolve. Without fear clouding your vision, we think you'll be able to see you haven't been abandoned and you'll become ready to accept the love that's all around you. You'll begin liking yourself diabetes and all again and, lo, you may find the needed changes in your life almost start making themselves.


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