What is the cause of skin tags?

Skin Tags

These are skin overgrowths appearing in projections about 1/8 inch long. They often appear in clusters. An occasional one can become very large and hard and look like a little horn. They can be irritated by clothes or being fidgeted with, as a result of which they can bleed and become inflamed.

I have only one near my inner thigh, and I play with it and roll it about. Can you remove it? 

It can easily be removed in the doctor's office by the socalled burning off method, which involves a special electric current instrument and a local anesthesia.

I have many of them all over my body. What should be done? 

Many can be removed at the same time. After the first crop has healed, another group can be worked on. After several sittings, all of them should be gone. It is best to start with those that are most irritating.

What Causes Skin Tags & Moles?

How long does it take to heal after it is removed? 

This depends on the width of the base attachment to the skin. The wider the attachment, the longer the healing time. In general, the very narrow attachments heal in a few days. The larger ones develop a scab and heal as the scab is raised away from the skin, generally taking two to three weeks to heal completely.

Is burning it off better than cutting it out or putting a tight knot at the bottom and letting it fall off?

 Each has its place. What is best for one is not necessarily best for all.

What about this wart on my finger? 

That's something different. A wart is a virus infection. It can be burned off, but it is important to destroy the root or core. Otherwise it could recur.


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