What is normal blood sugar 2-3 hours after eating?

What's normal blood sugar?

The normal range is around 60 to 120 (milligrams of sugar per deciliter of blood), depending on the method used to test the blood sugar. The objective of all diabetes treatment is to keep blood sugar within this range. After you eat, blood sugar rises and reaches its peak between one half and one hour later. Even in nondiabetics the blood sugar varies according to times of eating and what is eaten. Rarely, however, does it go over 150. Blood sugars above 160 suggest the person is diabetic.

Here is the normal pattern of blood sugar for nondiabetics in relationship to meals:

RELATION TO FOOD                                               BLOOD SUGAR RANGE
Fasting (before breakfast)                                           60-100
1 hour after meal                                                        100-140
2 hours after meal                                                       80-120
3 hours after meal                                                       60-100

At the Kansas Regional Diabetes Center in Wichita, good control of blood sugar is measured by the following standard:

RELATION TO FOOD                                              BLOOD SUGAR
Fasting (before breakfast)                                          105 ( ± 10%)
1 hour after meal                                                        140 ( ± 10%)
2 hours after meal                                                      120 ( ± 10%)
3 hours after meal                                                      110 ( ± 10%)

These figures are for capillary blood tests. Some physicians' reports are based on blood plasma, which gives readings 10 to 15 percent higher than whole blood. If you take your own blood sugar at home with chemically treated strips and a prick of the finger, you'll be using capillary blood.


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