What happens if you forget to take your insulin injection?

What if I forget to take my insulin injection? 

At least you'll know you're not obsessed with your disease. But if this happens more than once in a great while, you'll need to devise some kind of reminder system, like a nagging husband, wife, or parent. If you have small children, you can give them a penny each time you take the shot. (They'll never forget, but don't let them con you into taking your shot twice.) When it does dawn on you that you forgot your shot, be sure to take an injection immediately maybe less insulin than usual, if you're well into the day.

Sometimes the problem is remembering whether or not you took the insulin. Then you have to worry about getting a double dose or no dose at all. If you use disposable needles (doesn't everyone?) you can look into the wastebasket and find out, if you empty the wastebasket every day. There's no doubt that a good memory is a help to a diabetic.

What if I take too much insulin by mistake? 

Then you'd have to eat more than usual to satisfy the insulin. If you miscalculate and don't balance the amount of insulin with the amount of food you eat and your exercise, then your blood sugar may drop too low and you'll find yourself in an insulin reaction.


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