What can diabetics eat in restaurants? What is the best restaurant for diabetics?

Will I be able to follow my diet in restaurants?

Of course. It won't be as easy as following it at home where you can select and measure everything to make sure you're getting exactly what you need, but with a little experience and ingenuity it can be done. In fact, it is done by diabetics every day.

At first, when you're just getting started with diabetes, you might want to check out the restaurant ahead of time to see what they have on the menu that would be right for you. This gives you time in advance to figure out what you want to order. You can also find out if they have, for example, fruit for dessert rather than something gloppy and sweet. If they don't you can bring along a piece of fruit and either eat it there or ear it after vou leave Checking out the restaurant ahead of time is also a good idea because you'll know if it's open or not. Sometimes on a trip June has gone out to a restaurant recommended in a travel book or article only to find it's been closed for six months. This can be more than an awkward situation if it's time to eat and there's no other restaurant around.

For insulin-dependent diabetics, a reservation is very important. The person taking the reservation should be informed that one of the diners is a diabetic and that the table must be ready at the time of the reservation and the food must be served without undue delay. (None of this sitting around in the bar for an hour waiting for the table the way a lot of restaurants do to try to get you to buy a bunch of extra drinks!)

What kinds of things should I order in restaurants? 

As long as you avoid concentrated sweets, you can usually order anything you want. At first, though, try to avoid unfamiliar concoctions that are likely to have a lot of sauce (sauces often contain a great deal of carbohydrates and fat). Straightforward meat, poultry, or fish, and potatoes and vegetables are the easiest things to recognize and measure.

This doesn't mean that you're forever stuck with plain fare. As you gain more experience, you'll be able to do more daring dining in ethnic restaurants. Actually, it won't be daring at all if you do a little cookbook research on the various ethnic dishes. When you know what's in a dish say pasta efagiole or blanquette de veau or beef in oyster sauce you'll know whether or not it's a good idea for you. In time you'll also learn to eyemeasure your food and know how much of a certain dish you can eat.


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