What are fibrates and how do they work?

What are fibrates? 

Another class of drugs is called fibrates, and the one most commonly used in the United States has been gemfibrozil. Fenofibrate is another fibrate that has just begun to be used here. Physicians use these two drugs to help lower triglycerides, and fenofibrate also is effective in lowering LDL. Physicians tend to prescribe fibrates for people with high triglycerides as the first line of treatment, although, as we’ve already said, niacin will also lower triglycerides.
It’s important to note that the natural way of lowering triglycerides is to use only a moderate amount of alcohol, exercise regularly, stay close to your ideal weight, and eat a diet rich in vegetables and grains and other foods that are very low in sugar. Replacing some breads, potatoes, rice, and com with soy, seeds, nuts, avocado, and olive oil may aid in lowering triglycerides. This involves a partial replacement of carbohydrate rich foods with so-called good fats.


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