Should I consider having plastic surgery to make my breasts larger or smaller or equal?

In the realities of the bedroom or nursery the size of the breast is only rarely a consideration in sexual attractiveness or nursing function. It is frequently a matter of the changing mode of the era or of ethnic background. The flat, ironing-board style of the current fashion model now competes with her better endowed predecessor on an equal plane. It is the performance, not the size, that counts.
Without wanting to offend the plastic surgeon, many physicians believe that augmentation (making little ones big) is rarely indicated. You have to delve deep into your psyche to discover the real reason why you would even consider this. Reduction (making big ones little) mammoplasty is occasionally suggested for the truly heavy breast. Each of these operations leaves scars, so it is hard to conceal the intimate fact that the operation has been done. When a plastic falsie is inserted, the internal prosthesis remains relatively fixed in all positions. Even though the scar may be concealed in the armpit, the astute companion soon notes the lack of normal contour changes and the game is up. With present methods of brassiere padding and molding to fashion, you achieve the desired result so much more easily, and you can vary it from season to season as the mode dictates.


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