Is a hernia operation covered by hospital insurance?

Ordinarily all major types of hospital surgical insurance cover the expense entailed in hospitalization for hernia repair. A general insurance company will make an effort to avoid picking up the bill for a compensable hernia that should rightly be assumed by the company responsible for on the job accidents. If a man at work lifts something and experiences groin pain and evidences a hernia that was not present before, it is reasonable to assume that there is a cause and effect relation between the hernia and the job. In such a case the employer's insurance company can be petitioned to assume the expense for the correction of this injury. This contrasts with the sedentary worker who is not aware of an on-thejob incident. In this case his own regular hospital insurance company assumes part of or all the financial responsibility.
Most hospital admitting clerks are aware of this and will often ask whether it is possibly a compensation case. Know the answers in advance and express them positively. Otherwise your admission may be delayed until it is established which third party is to assume the financial responsibility.


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