If you once start taking insulin, do you have to take it for the rest of your life?

If you're a juvenile diabetic, yes, you're probably stuck (!) with it. Occasionally after children or young people are first diagnosed and start using insulin, there comes a honeymoon period. The disease seems to fade away, they can stop taking insulin, and their family believes a miracle has occurred and they are cured. Not so. Like all honeymoons, the diabetes honeymoon eventually comes to an end and insulin injections must begin again. (But enjoy it while it lasts.)

Sometimes if you're an adult-onset diabetic you may be on insulin only until you get your weight down.

Also, diabetics who aren't normally on insulin may have to take it when they're sick or have an infection or are pregnant. Then when they're well again, or the baby is delivered, they can stop.

Finally, Dr. Michael Anderson at the University of Kentucky has discovered that with his HCF diet, many adult onset diabetics taking fewer than twenty units of insulin a day are able to stop taking it altogether. Juvenile diabetics can expect to lower their insulin dosage by about one fourth on the HCF diet.


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