How long can diabetes stay in remission? What is a remission?

What is a remission?

A remission is a period when diabetes becomes less severe. For example, an insulin taker might find that he or she can keep in control on less insulin or on diet and pills, or maybe even on diet alone. Or perhaps a pill taker can get by on diet alone. Sometimes a remission lasts quite a while. Sometimes it is shortlived.

Particularly common is the remission that occurs in juvenile diabetes after insulin treatment begins. This often causes the parents, who are already desperately clutching at straws, to think their child has been miraculously cured or that the diagnosis of diabetes was incorrect. False hope. Diabetes is still there. A remission is not a cure and should never be regarded as such. Enjoy it while it lasts, but realize it will eventually end and don't be devastated when it does.


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