How do I plan a meal for my diabetic friend? What is a good daily menu for a diabetic

Just remember that a diabetic has to stay away from concentrated sweets sugar, honey, molasses in or on foods, and canned fruit in sweet syrup. Many diabetics also have to restrict the amount of fat they eat. Remember also that diabetics, especially those who take insulin, need a specific amount of carbohydrate in their diet. Just have something like bread, rice, or potatoes available, and the diabetic will know how much of it to eat.

That's another point to remember. Just as important as what is allowed is how much. A diabetic must eat limited quantities of food. Don't be offended if your diabetic friend eats with gusto and then suddenly stops, as if someone has blown a whistle. There isn't a bug in the food or anything. It's just that the diabetic has eaten all that's allowed. Don't urge him or her to have more. That's being cruel. The diabetic would probably love to eat more, and it's taking every ounce of willpower to stop.

A basic diabetic meal would be something like this: a mixed green salad; meat or chicken or fish; potatoes or bread or rice; a vegetable or two (not corn and not any kind of beans except green beans); and fruit for dessert (either fresh or canned without sugar.) Now, on the surface this may sound pretty bland, but any and all of these elements can be combined in something like beef stroganoff or bouillabaisse or chicken marengo or lamb curry. Just remember, generally, what ingredients you put into the dish and tell the diabetic so he or she can estimate portions.

If you're still confused about anything on the diabetic diet, just follow the advice of all the sex manual writers who say, "If in doubt about what will please your partner, ask!"

If your diabetic friend is on insulin (ask!), then you should indicate what time you serving. This doesn't mean what time the guests are arriving but what time you'll actually have everybody sitting at the table with food on their plates. Then, once you've set the time, stick to that time, no matter who hasn't arrived by then (except, of course, the diabetic).


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