How do I know when I'm having an insulin reaction?

Several physical and/or mental changes take place. You have to learn to recognize the signals.

If your blood sugar is dropping fast: shakiness, sweatiness, dizziness, poor coordination, palpitations, hunger; irritability, and nausea.

If your blood sugar is dropping slowly: slurring speech, blurring vision, confusion. You may be so confused, in fact, that you don't realize you're having a reaction.

One easy way to check on low blood sugar is to take your pulse. During a reaction your pulse will ordinarily be onethird higher than your resting pulse. (Be sure to learn what your resting pulse is if you want to be able to use this method of verifying reactions. To find out, take it several times when you are sitting around doing nothing.)

A little more time-consuming but decidedly more accurate way is to take your blood sugar with a Chemstrip. If you find you're too confused and fumbly to do that, you're almost certainly having a reaction.


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