How dangerous is heart bypass surgery?

What is the outlook for recovery after a bypass?

Bypass surgery is a major surgical operation. The most drastic way to correct the problem of a blocked coronary artery is to replace it with a clean blood vessel from another part of your body. Replace is a simplistic term here: what the surgeon actually does is go around the blocked section of the coronary artery by attaching a clean blood vessel such as a vein from your leg which can be removed without causing problems to a place just before and to one just after the blockage so the blood can now bypass the blocked area and again flow beyond it.
This is not like replacing a clogged pipe in your house with a new, clean one; rather it is like attaching a new pipe to points just before and just after the rusted, blocked region. Just as in your house you would need to turn off the main water valve before putting in the new pipe, so in the case of the heart doctors use special machines to circulate blood and put oxygen into your blood while the heart is being operated on.


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