How can I keep from getting mad at my roommate when he's obnoxious because his blood sugar is low?

It's tough not to get mad. You're human too and sometimes you have a visceral reaction that you can't control. Just do your best to keep calm enough to help your roommate get out of the reaction, even if he fights you on it.

After the incident is over you'll probably both laugh about it. Once June had low blood sugar and became furious because she thought Barbara had eaten her dish of strawberries (which she had actually eaten herself, but couldn't remember). After her anger came despair, as she wept over her disappointment about the strawberries she had so looked forward to. With a baleful look at Barbara, she kept wailing, "You stole my strawberries." Throughout all this wrath and woe, she steadfastly refused to eat anything else to bring up her blood sugar because, "The only thing I wanted was those strawberries and you ate them." In retrospect, the incident seems funny to us,but while it was going on it was like a scene out of Eugene O'Neill. At such times you feel you're dealing with an insane person. (Of course, you are!) So never take seriously or bear a grudge over something a diabetic says or does when in hypoglycemia.

You have one big advantage in this situation: You know what low blood sugar is and can usually recognize it. This puts you way ahead of the average person. Think how people who know nothing about diabetes must react when confronted by your roommate's obnoxious behavior.


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