Can a second heart attack be prevented? Second heart attack signs

In the last five years, research has shown that up to 80 percent of second heart attacks can be prevented. With aggressive risk factor management you can reduce your chance of a second heart attack. This is truly a revolutionary change in expectations. So instead of having a one-in-four chance of a second attack, you now have a onein- twenty chance. That’s really great! 

What are the warning signs of a second heart attack? 

The signs are the same as for the first: any unexplained chest pain that lasts for more than five minutes. These may occur during exercise, when going out into cold weather, or after a meal. When these pains occur at rest and become more frequent, this is called unstable angina and is a clear signal that a new heart attack might develop. As you have already experienced a heart attack, any pain of this sort and any feeling of pressure or heaviness in the chest are major warning signs. For a heart attack survivor, any of these symptoms require immediate contact with a medical facility or your health care professional.


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