Can a hernia go away without surgery? THE INJECTION TREATMENT OF HERNIA

This method is rarely used today. It was seldom effective, even though many nonsurgical advocates made great claims for it. Injection treatment was occasionally accompanied by severe and prolonged complications. In my opinion this method has no place in the modern treatment of hernias.

 Is there any danger in keeping the hernia aside from that of the intestine getting caught?

Can it make me sterile or impotent? 

Some hernias grow so large that they start to contain a major part of the intestine or some other organ, and it is then difficult, impossible, or inadvisable to fix them. I've seen men with huge hernias, down to their knees, so large that they could barely walk. Edward Gibbon, the historian, was said to have been virtually riveted to his chair by his large scrotal swelling. No wonder he could write three volumes on the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Other patients with these large hernias become recluses. The hernia of itself does not limit sexual potency or effectiveness. However, the penis may be so obscured by a huge hernia as to be hard to discern.
This stage of the protrusion is often associated with excessive skin moisture, an unpleasant odor, and a rash between the thighs.

Some individuals are reluctant to admit that they have a hernia or to reveal it even to a member of their own family. I've encountered an instance of an elderly lady with a huge incarcerated hernia whose eight children, all living in the same house, never knew of its existence. She believed that there was something degrading, unrefined, and offensive about a large lump in the "down below" area.


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