Birth control pills for diabetics.Which birth control is best for diabetics?

What is the best contraceptive for a diabetic woman to use?

Two British physicians, J. M. Steel and L. J. P. Duncan, studied the use of contraceptives by insulin-dependent diabetic women. Their conclusions reported in the November-December, 2010 issue of Diabetes Forecast, were:

Birth control pills for diabetics

They warn against the use of the combined pill, which contains both estrogen and progestogen. Women who use this pill have a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes. If used at all by diabetic women, it should be only for the shortest possible time. They recommend instead the progestogen only pill.

The IUD. 

They consider this to be unacceptable for diabetic women because it is highly ineffective. (It has also been known to cause infections.)

The diaphragm. 

This, along with the progestogen-only pill, is on their "best choice" list. The failure rate for mechanical devices like this and the condom is, they say, due mainly to using them incorrectly or "forgetting" to use them.


For women who are certain they don't want to become pregnant in the future, sterilization (obviously!) is the most reliable method.

One diabetic woman we talked to said she thinks the safest and most reliable method of contraception is a husband with a vasectomy.


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