Best ways to quit chewing tobacco?

What is the best way to chewing tobacco? 

You or others you know may have already tried to quit, and relapsed. Don’t let one or two failed attempts stop you from trying again; many chewing tobacco smokers had to try several times to quit. Each failed attempt can be a learning experience, teaching you something you can use on the next try. And if you have decided to quit after experiencing a heart attack or other medical problem, or seeing a friend experience one, your new motivation may be your greatest ally.

What is the first step to quit chewing tobacco? 

The American Heart Association suggests you set a quit date for yourself, far enough ahead in the future that you have time to prepare yourself. They suggest choosing a significant date to quit a birthday, job change, or other memorable occasion. On the other hand, many people have successfully quit by just stopping, cold turkey, right now.

The first step is to evaluate your addiction, estimating how much is physical, psychological, and social, as described above. This can help you tailor various chewing tobacco interventions to your particular addiction, with its unique physiological, psychological, and social components. To really take a good look at your chewing tobacco habit, keep a journal for several weeks, logging each cigarette you smoke. Note the time of day, where you are, who is with you, what you are doing, and your mood. You may learn some surprising things, such as how many cigarettes you really smoke and which situations and moods give you the greatest urge for a cigarette. You may identify some patterns you don’t fully understand. This knowledge can help you when you are ready to stop.


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