Are hot tubs good for diabetes? Can a hot shower lower blood sugar?

Is it all right for a diabetic to use hot tubs?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, all people who have diabetes, a history of heart disease, or blood pressure problems should check with a doctor on the advisability of using a hot tub.

They also caution that nobody should bathe in a hot tub with water that is 104 degrees F. or higher, since water of 106 degrees F. can be fatal even to fully healthy adults. (Barbara, who considers herself a fully healthy adult, gets rather frightening nosebleeds after sitting in Japanese baths or hot springs.) The preceding section on foot care explained that you shouldn't put your feet in water above 85 degrees F. or 90 degrees F Since it's a little awkward to soak in a hot tub with your feet hanging out, it looks as if tepid tubs should be the order of the day for diabetics.


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