What is the initial symptoms of breast cancer? When are breast lumps treated by needling to remove the fluid?

What is the first sign of breast cancer?

Many women have no signs at all and are first diagnosed by the alert physician during his breast examination. The patient may first note a lump in the breast or a bloody discharge from the nipple, a change in the appearance of the breast, or a lump in the armpit.

 When are breast lumps treated by needling to remove the fluid?

 The method of treatment is termed aspiration. It is employed only when the physician is certain that the lump is a cyst. A cyst can be compared to a balloon filled with water. When the fluid is removed, it is hoped that the cyst wall will collapse and be obliterated. If the cyst recurs after aspiration, it then requires surgical removal. Some women are fortunate in that the cyst never reappears. This procedure must be used cautiously and selectively; it is never employed when the nature of the lump is in doubt. Aspiration is particularly suited to the woman who keeps reforming cysts after a biopsy has shown the benign nature of her disease. However, a woman may have had an innocent breast cyst at one time and sometime later get a cancer in the same or the opposite breast.


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