How long will I be in the hospital if the tumor is benign?

It is usually a very short stay, a day or two or overnight. The sutures can then be removed in the surgeon's office. You can resume full activities almost immediately.

Why don't you do the biopsy in your office by removing the tissue under local anesthesia that is, the way a dentist removes a tooth?

This is an operative procedure because the tumor may be deep and there may be many blood vessels around it. Is is much safer and technically more appropriate to do it with all the hospital nursing and instrument facilities. In this way one can minimize bleeding and infection. From a practical point of view and in some cases, there is no reason why your suggestion cannot be carried out in a facility specially equipped for that purpose. It would certainly save hospital beds. There is a method of drill biopsy for breast masses that is done on an ambulatory basis, but this approach has not yet found broad acceptance in this country.


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