How are X rays produced?

How are X rays obtained?

Most X-ray diagnostic studies of the stomach, intestine, gall-bladder, chest, kidney, bones, and skull can be obtained on an ambulatory basis. They are performed by an X-ray specialist (radiologist) in conjunction with a trained technician, who actually develops the film. The techniques of the examination and the interpretation of the findings are the province of the radiologist.
The X rays are taken in the radiologist's office or on a comeand- go basis in the radiology department of a hospital or a group clinic. These films are loaned to the surgical consultant for his evaluation. However, certain elaborate X-ray examinations, such as those that follow injections for visualizing the blood vessels, should be done only with the facilities and precautions that are available to a patient within the hospital. The disadvantage of hospitalization is that, incongruously, it may actually take longer to get the studies completed. Furthermore, some hospital insurance plans do not cover diagnostic studies.


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